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There are many auto repair shops in Simi Valley. So why should you try Affordable Auto Repair Services? That’s a good question, and here is the simple, logical, straight-forward answer… Until you’ve tried us, how do you know you’re getting everything you want and need from your present auto repair shop?

Let’s say you like Italian food. If there are 10 Italian restaurants in Simi Valley, at some point you will probably try every one of them. Then, based on what is most important to you, you’ll pick the one or two Italian restaurants that you like best and you’ll go back to them again and again.

Referrals and testimonials count for a lot, but in the end, it’s your personal first-hand experience that counts most with you. Even if you’re completely satisfied with your present auto repair shop, we urge you to at least give us a try for your next car repair. You might be very pleasantly surprised.

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Auto Repairs

Our auto repairs include all popular car repairs like brakes, tune ups, belts, electrical, exhaust systems, etc..

Auto Service

Auto service that’s convenient, affordable, fast, and done right the first time. Sound like the type of car repair service you’re looking for? Then call us for your next auto service needs. Car repair is all we do…well, we also do trucks and SUV’s too.

Auto Repair Estimates

At Affordable Auto Repair Services we offer thorough auto repair estimates.
Bring your vehicle in, we will inspect it, and give you a written repair estimate.

We Treat You Unlike Auto Repair Shops

We know how much auto repairs and maintenance can interrupt you day. At Affordable Auto Repair Services we have worked hard at making auto repair and maintenance a more pleasant, less convenient experience for you. Here are some of the ways we make auto repair & maintenance more easier for you:

Simi Valley Auto Repair – Quick Lube Center:
We have a fast lube and maintenance center that allows you to wait for your maintenance to be completed. Now, there is no need to go to different companies for auto repairs and for maintenance.

Heavy Emphasis on Same-Day Auto Repair Service:
We really want you to get your car back the same day you bring it in to us. So, we have worked hard to develop partnerships with great auto parts sources that get us the parts we need right away, and we have organized our shop to make sure Same-Day Service is easily completed.

MUCH more convenient than dealership:
We are a wonderful, faster, friendlier, and more accommodating alternative to the dealerships for your service. We get you in and out faster, we don’t treat you like a number and we really get to know each and every one of our customers.

Superior Service and Complete Satisfaction

We are Simi Valley’s premier Auto Repair shop. We provide high quality repairs and maintenance services on all Domestic, European and Asian Import Cars, Vans and Trucks.

We’re a more convenient, friendly and personal automotive repair shop. Our technicians are highly skilled and very experienced and we have the latest state-of-the-art factory-level computer and service equipment that allows us to service your vehicle just like the dealer, without the higher cost or inconvenience of the dealer.

We have more than 12 years of experience in the automotive repair industry and provide factory minded repairs using the highest quality replacement parts, guaranteeing accurate repairs and complete customer satisfaction.

We invite you to learn more about Affordable Simi Auto Repair Shop and how we can help you with all your automotive repair needs.


Not only did they fix the problem I had been having for the past year, they did it with kindness and honesty. I’m a female and it’s tough finding an honest auto repair shop. They took me home and picked me up while my vehicle was being serviced. If there were more stars to choose from I would give them more. Trusting guys. They made me feel like family. Crystal Mesina

David said the representative was nice and personable. He said he talked to him and went over everything carefully. Finding a mechanic like this was like a dream come true.

David W

My daughter and I have been going to Scotty for years with all our cars and have never been disappointment in the service. I highly recommend “Affordable” for all your car needs.

Sandy P

Your Car is Leaking Oil… What is it?

Step 1: What color is the leaking fluid?

Step 2: Where does that leaking fluid come from?

Simi Auto Repair performs fast and accurate inspections and has competitive rates on all repairs.

Identifying the COLOR of the leaking fluid… The surface the fluid is on can greatly affect it’s apparent color. Never try to identify a leaking fluid’s color on an asphalt or concrete surface. Always dab the leaking fluid with something white, such as facial tissue, a paper towel, or toilet paper. Then check the color of the fluid.

Identifying the SOURCE of the leaking fluid… The easiest way to identify the source of the leaking fluid is to match the color and odor
to one of the fluid reservoirs in your car…

  • Is it engine oil?…Pull out the engine oil dip stick. Compare the color and odor of the oil on the dip stick to your paper towel sample.
  • Is it radiator coolant?…CAUTION…Do NOT attempt to remove the radiator cap if the vehicle has recently been driven. Severe danger of burns could result from the hot coolant in the radiator. Always look at the fluid in the radiator over flow tank to determine the color and odor of your coolant. When your vehicle is cold.
  • Is it automatic transmission fluid?… With the engine off, pull the transmission oil dip stick. Compare the color and odor of the oil on the dip stick to your paper towel sample.
  • Is it power steering fluid?… With the engine off, remove the cap from the power steering reservoir. Compare the color and odor of the oil on the dip stick to your paper towel sample.
  • Is it brake fluid?… Remove the cap from the brake master cylinder reservoir. Compare the color and odor of the oil on the dip stick to your paper towel sample.
  • Is it windshield washer fluid?… Remove the cap from the windshield washer fluid reservoir. Compare the color and odor of the oil on the dip stick to your paper towel sample.
  • If the fluid looks and smells like plain water… it is probably condensate from your air conditioning system and perfectly normal.
6 Warning Signs That You Might Need Brake Service

1) Sound
If you hear a screeching, high-pitched, irritating sound when you lightly apply your brakes…that’s the “wear strip” on your brake pads rubbing against the brake rotor and it means it’s time to replace your brake pads and rotors, or at least have the rotors “turned” so they’re like new again. The next step after the screeching sound is a grinding, metal on metal sound which means your brake pads are completely gone and all you have is…metal on metal to stop you car. When you hear the screeching sound, get your brakes checked quickly.

2) Pulling
If your car veers to the left or right when you apply the brakes, you probably have a brake problem. Get your brakes checked at the first sign of pulling, before this becomes a dangerous condition. What is a slight pull on a dry pavement can become very dangerous in the rain.

3) Grinding Sound
See #1 above.

4) Vibration
If you feel a vibration in the brake pedal when you apply the brakes, you probably have one or more warped brake rotors and/or brake drums. Get your brakes checked before this becomes a dangerous condition.

5) Fluid Leaking
If you see any sign of fluid leaking on the ground at or near the inside of any wheel, get your brake system checked immediately! Leaking brake fluid is extremely dangerous.

6) Soft Brake Pedal
If your brake pedal feels “soft” or if you “pump” your brakes and the brake pedal comes up on the 2nd or 3rd pump…you might have air in your brake lines. Brake fluid is incompressible. Air is compressible. Air in the system weakens the pressure to apply the brakes so you will need longer to stop. Air in the system is also a possible indication of a fluid leak in the system. Get your brakes checked without delay.

Common Automotive Fluids and Their Colors

Engine Oil
New oil comes in several colors, depending on the manufacturer, etc. Used oil is typically dark brown to black in color.

Radiator Coolant
Also known as “anti-freeze”. The most common color is a vibrant green. However, it can also be pink or orange.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
Similar to engine oil in feel, but a very different color. Where used engine oil is typically chocolate brown to black in color, used automatic transmission fluid is usually dark red to rusty-brown in color. New fluid usually has color like burgundy wine…medium to dark red.

Brake Fluid and Power Steering Fluid
Usually clear or slightly yellowish. If you suspect the fluid leak is brake fluid… Do NOT drive the vehicle until it has been checked by a mechanic. Simi Auto Repair performs fast and accurate inspections and has competitive rates on all repairs.

Windshield Washer Fluid
Usually blue or green in color.

Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
Almost everyone knows what gasoline smells like, and that is the easiest way to identify a gasoline leak. Diesel fuel is slightly thicker and darker than gasoline, and has a definite “oil” or kerosene odor. If you’ve ever been to a major airport and smelled jet exhaust fumes, this is also similar to diesel fuel odor. Whether the leak is gasoline or diesel fuel, immediate attention by a mechanic is required. Driving the vehicle is NOT recommended if you suspect a fuel leak! Simi Auto Repair performs fast and accurate inspections and has competitive rates on all repairs.

Plain Water
In most cars with air conditioning, this will be the most common “leak” observed under the car. Any time the air conditioning is used, a certain amount of water condenses out of the air inside the car. This water runs to a drain that is usually located some where near the foot well area of the front passenger’s seat. After driving the car with the air conditioning on, especially in hot humid areas, you will normally see a puddle of clear liquid under the car in this area. If it looks and smells like plain water…it probably is plain water from the air conditioning unit and nothing to be concerned about. This is normally the only source of plain water in any vehicle. The cooler and dryer the air outside the car, the less water will drain from the air conditioning unit.

Reasons for Fluid Leaks Under Your Car

Even brand new cars, straight from the factory, can leak a few drops of liquid. That’s why they have large metal pans under the vehicles in new car show rooms. Whether brand new or high mileage car, a few drops under the car is normally nothing to be concerned about.

In older cars (5 years+), especially high mileage (100,000+miles) cars, engine oil and transmission oil leaks are usually the most common, followed by radiator coolant. Seals and gaskets that were soft and pliable when new, get hard and brittle with age and mileage.

Radiator hoses also age and result in leaking coolant. Radiator hoses that are noticeably swollen (visibly larger in diameter than the clamps at the ends of the hoses) are especially prone to leaking or even rupturing. Replace any hose that looks like this as soon as possible.

“High mileage” engine and transmission oils contain additives that attempt to soften old seals and gaskets so they will last longer.

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